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Brett Kenefick

President at VaxCare, BSBA 1996

What is the most important skill you have developed in your career?
Being an active listener. Effective leadership is not about talking more, but rather about asking the right probing questions to understand the customer or team member’s issues. In a world where feedback is instantaneous and often in short sound bites, actively listening is critical to providing a meaningful response, and honing this skill will set you apart.

What made you choose UNC Kenan-Flagler for your undergraduate degree?
What made Kenan-Flagler special and an obvious choice for my undergraduate degree was the level of care displayed by the faculty and staff. Professor Ravenscraft and many others played a pivotal role in pushing me not only in the classroom, but in thinking about my career. I was naïve as to how the world of investment banking and consulting could be a great launching pad for your career. All credit goes to them for encouraging me to push myself and explore these avenues.

What is your favorite memory from your time as a student?
The best part of going to Carolina is the relationships that you develop. The Carolina culture is truly special, and it fosters a true sense of community and kinship that allows you to go beyond the surface and develop life-long, meaningful relationships.

What is something about you that not many people know?
Thanks to a supporting wife who encouraged me to apply, I took a second job this past spring as the head coach of Bishop Moore Catholic High School’s JV lacrosse team. I don’t have a kid on the team and we practiced almost every day. It was crazy trying to juggle my day job with this new commitment. Why do this? Because I absolutely loved it. Deep down inside, I am a coach and love leading teams. I cannot believe it took me 20+ years to figure this out. Coaching that team was the most energy I have had in a long time. If you have a passion, make time for it and go for it.