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Frances Nahas

Chief Strategy Officer at Smith Technologies, CBOH Leadership Board Member, MBA 2007

What made you choose a career path in healthcare?

I got into healthcare accidentally, but have stayed by choice. When I was leaving consulting, I wanted a job where there were interesting problems to solve, good people to work with, and where I felt good about what I did at the end of the day. I took a job at a healthcare company, where I quickly learned there is no end to the interesting problems to solve in healthcare! I have worked for multiple healthcare companies since and continue to be motivated by the fact that we can build profitable businesses for shareholders and employees and simultaneously make healthcare cheaper, safer, and more accessible for patients and providers.

What made you choose UNC & Kenan-Flagler Business School?

KFBS had a combination of things that I was looking for: top 25 school, top notch recruiters, highly rated professors, and a focus on teaming and leadership. But what really set it apart for me was the tightknit community. KFBS has a smaller class size than most other top 20 schools. This made it easy to get to know classmates and professors, including the students in the classes ahead of and behind mine. This is a network for which I continue to be incredibly grateful.

What’s your favorite hobby?

I love to travel. I’ve traveled to over 40 countries and try to go to one new place every year. There is nothing that provides perspective faster than leaving your comfort zone and going someplace halfway around the world.