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Kelsey Matherne

MBA 2021

What made you pursue a career in healthcare marketing?
It is incredibly valuable and rewarding to view the world through someone else’s eyes. That’s what successful marketers do. Successful healthcare marketers do that too, but on a far more impactful level: we get to know the types of patients who are right for particular medicines, we get to know the doctors who prescribe those medicines, and we get to know the systems which fight to provide adequate access to care. And sure, most of that knowledge is gained through data and insights, but you also observe and learn from your customers and your end-users. And it’s through their eyes that I must consider the world, because it’s only then that I can understand how to speak to them; how to market to them. I find this fulfilling because I am tasked to hold multiple perspectives, some of which are conflicting, all at once. That exercise affords me the ability to deeply connect with my work.

How have you benefited from being a member of the Healthcare Club Executive Board?
The prime benefit of being an active member of the Healthcare Club’s Executive Board is that I get to collaborate with some of the most passionate rising stars in the Healthcare Industry. Whether on a large event, a small social, or a career lab presentation, I know that I’m working beside the future titans of this industry, and is incredible!

Do you have any advice for incoming and current students?
Explore your career options as soon and as quickly as you can. Specifically, attend as many industry deep-dives and company presentations as you can. I sat through countless events discussing a myriad of industries and functions prior to committing my life’s work to healthcare marketing. Experiencing as many options as possible (even from a high level) helped me to digest and discover where I wanted to place my passion.

What is your favorite hobby?
In my free time, I enjoy subversive cross-stitching. Essentially, I apply funny sayings or pop culture references to the art of embroidery. I find the juxtaposition between the old-fashioned image of cross-stitch and modern-day snarky sentiments highly entertaining!