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Lynn Lewis

Chief Business Officer at Emmes, CBOH Leadership Board Member, MBA 1986

What made you choose a career path in healthcare?

Two reasons: 1) With the aging of Americans and all industrial populations around the world, I knew that healthcare would always be a necessary and growing industry during my career years. What that meant was an opportunity to grow with healthcare companies, move up and take on more leadership responsibilities. And 2) I have always wanted to make a positive impact on people and society as a whole. It is a thrill to bring new medicines to market to treat and cure debilitating diseases.

What made you choose UNC & Kenan-Flagler Business School?

I loved the team and collaborative nature of the school. I liked the integrative nature of first year classes, but also the focus allowed in year 2. I was also given financial aid which made it more affordable for me. And, what’s not to love about Chapel Hill?!?

In what ways do you think the Leadership Board can be essential to the growth of the Center for the Business of Health?

We have a diverse group of people who have been successful in various sectors of the healthcare industry. They are passionate about what they do professionally and passionate about Carolina. They are giving input to the Center on what these sectors are looking for from graduates and how that may impact curricula, what issues need to be solved in healthcare which may influence research and classes, and what will be needed from tomorrow’s leaders.  The Board is also serving as mentors to current students as they explore their career options in healthcare.

What are the top two items on your bucket list?

Getting to see Antarctica and somehow positively impacting the environment and people less fortunate than me.