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Maclin Batchelor

MBA 2022

What has been your most memorable experience during your time at Carolina?
I’m probably cheating a little bit on this answer since I’m a double Tar Heel: my favorite experience at UNC was seeing our basketball team have the confetti fall on them as national champions my senior year after we dealt with unimaginable heartbreak the year prior when Villanova hit a buzzer-beating three-pointer. Seeing how the team responded over that entire year was incredible. I was lucky to sprint to Franklin Street several times during undergrad, but nothing beats that one.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?
You’re here for a reason. You’re going to accomplish great things at this school and beyond in your professional lives. Don’t let a daunting few week stretch discourage you along your MBA journey. While you yourself are a bright future leader, also recognize that you are surrounded by an incredible variety of different resources – ask for help with anything if you need it. The Carolina community as a whole is there for you in any way you can imagine.

What made you decide to pursue a career in healthcare?
From a very early age, my parents emphasized that I should pursue an academic route, and subsequently a career, in an area that got me excited when my feet hit the floor every morning. In high school, my science teachers were incredible across the board in chemistry, biology and physics. The material was always incredibly interesting to me, and it drove me toward majoring in chemistry and minoring in biology at UNC. So fast-forwarding to where I am today, I still have that intellectual curiosity that excites me about life sciences and healthcare. Working in healthcare has been and will be a passion of mine because when my feet hit the floor in the morning, I know I’m about to tackle meaningful work that will one day help a patient in need.

What are your top two bucket list items?
One day, I am going to go skiing in the Alps. That’s high on the list for sure. I would also love to spend a Sunday in early April sitting by the 18th green of Augusta National watching the final round of The Masters.