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Saket Agrawal

Chief Executive Officer at OFFOR Health, Inc., MBA 2007

What made you choose a career in healthcare?
I actually found healthcare through a non-traditional path. I was working in the technology space in Silicon Valley, when I was approached by a few of my friends that are doctors with a small startup that needed help. I saw the outsized impact I could make on people’s lives and the challenge of affordable access to care and I jumped in headfirst and have not looked back.

What made you choose UNC & Kenan-Flagler Business School?
The culture, the community, and the world class academics. Additionally, the opportunity to study abroad and the breadth of the partner school list drew me in. I was able to do a semester in India at the Indian School of Business and be exposed to very driven students that were looking to shape the world. It was an extremely rewarding experience that was enabled by Kenan-Flagler.

In what ways do you think the CBOH Leadership Board can be essential to the growth of the UNC Center for the Business of Health?
The Leadership Board consists of extremely talented individuals touching all aspects of the healthcare industry. From intimately understanding the challenges of the industry that need to be solved through innovation, technology, data, and financing, to shaping incoming student’s perspective on healthcare. It’s a multi-trillion dollar industry worldwide that is starting to embrace innovation in all facets.

What are the top two items on your bucket list?
Wow, I am big on experiences and have had the privilege of traveling and living in various cities in the US and India, but I would love to live in New York City and Europe at some time in my life. Additionally, I have always been drawn to those that are creative – I would love to be able to help creatives achieve their vision in some capacity.