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Stephanie Winans

President, Point of Care and Consumer Health at The Wellness Network, MBA 2016

What made you choose a career path in healthcare?
My entrée into healthcare began with digital health entrepreneurship and a passion for US maternal and infant health. I have always been enthralled by market disruption so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with healthcare for the significance and complexity of its challenges and the pivotal transformation point today’s landscape holds. Today’s opportunities to innovate and make a positive impact on patient outcomes are so immense that it’s intoxicating (and driving new interest in the industry).

In what ways do you think the Leadership Board can be essential to the growth of the CBOH?
Healthcare is complex. The US healthcare system’s problems are multifactorial and will require knowledge from the many intersecting facets of healthcare to solve. The CBOH Leadership Board brings the diverse leadership experience necessary to both drive impact through research and initiatives today and develop stronger interdisciplinary UNC healthcare students who will solve the problems of tomorrow.

What made you choose UNC & Kenan-Flagler Business School?
The three most important factors I considered when comparing business schools were reputation, flexibility and demonstrable real-world application of knowledge for alumni post-graduation. At the time, I was entrenched in running an early-stage digital health startup and preparing for an acquisition (not to mention parenting a toddler, planning for pregnancy and a cross-country move). Time was at a premium; I wanted an MBA program to both fit my busy schedule and provide practical knowledge I could apply immediately to strengthen my skills at a pivotal point in my career.

Kenan-Flagler was the best choice for me due to its consistently high national rankings, strong reputation in both healthcare and entrepreneurship, and flexible programs tailored for executive professionals.

What’s your favorite hobby?
Poetry— reading it and writing it. It’s personally fulfilling but professionally enriching, too. I find that reading poetry in the morning ignites my creativity, providing a perfect springboard for solving the workday’s toughest problems.